Online Search firm introduces new new vacancies 2016.

Teschitz Group
Lun 9 Maggio 2016 23:19:13 CEST

Good afternoon,
Our company would like to make a very beneficial proposition to you! You can get a fair money without any deposits or huge time expenditure. Our enterprise helps to get the cryptocurrency to our clients. If you have a couple of days per week and 2-3 hours per these days our work is absolutely suit for you! Besides the big advantage of our job is that this kind of work does not affect with your basic work. 

Your usual revenue amount to 200 to 1,600 Euros 
for each of the tasks. It means that you can get an approximate 8 000 EUR per month!

A brief job description:

1. We will make money transmission to your bank account the amount of money at the rate of 1000,00 EUR to 8000.00 EUR. 
2. Our firm will give you all information about this transaction. 
3. As fast as the money appears on your bank account, you need to convert into cash the money. 
4. 20% of this sum of money will be your earnings. You just need to take it. 
5. 80% of the this received amount it is important to transfer to our companion. 
6. If job is done correct and on time we will talk over the time of the following task. 

The amount of your profit differs according to the number of the done tasks. If you wish to get a real money you should gain our confidence. Just execute your work quickly, responsible and perfect and you will get a lot of tasks and will have the opportunity to earn a good money. 
You don't need to worry about the lawfulness of our business. We always keep within the EU law in our work. 

If you are wishing to cooperate with our company, please, contact us by email: and we will contact you fast as can and will answer all of your questions. Our HR-manager will send you the reply to your 
letter from our corporate e-mail adress that is why please check new e-mail messages from new senders. We handle a big amount of incoming and outgoing letters everyday that is why it is possible that you can wait answer from us more than 12 hours. We are kindly asking you for understanding and we would like to apologize for the inconvenience. 

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,

Teschitz Group

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