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Find out why Protect America is  RATED #1 Overall! 
 We've done the heavy lifting for you and vetted all of the major home security companies in the industry. We've listened to consumers tell us what is most important, and we've consulted with experts to rank each and every company. Additionally, we've allowed the consumer to tell us their experience. The result is an EASY-TO-USE review site, in which we've already highlighted the TOP RECOMMENDED and HIGHEST RATED companies!
 How Does it Work?
 1. We've ranked 120+ companies from best to worst
 2. We've listened to 4,869+ real customer reviews
 3. We recommend the BEST home security company in your area, which is Protect America!



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Hansel and Gretel are children whose father is a woodcutter. When a great famine settles over the land, the woodcutter's abusive second wife decides to take the children into the woods. Her plan was to abandon the kids in the woods so that she and her husband will not starve to death. According to her it is mainly because the children eat too much. The woodcutter opposes the plan but finally and reluctantly submits to his wife's scheme. However, while talking about their plan, they are unaware that Hansel and Gretel have overheard them from the children's bedroom. After the parents have gone to bed, Hansel sneaks out of the house and gathers as many white pebbles as he can, then returns to his room, reassuring Gretel that God will not forsake them.
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The next two days, the family walks deep into the woods and Hansel lays a trail of white pebbles. After their parents leave them, the children wait for the moon to rise before following the pebbles back home. They return home safely, much to their stepmother's horror. Once again provisions become scarce and the stepmother angrily orders her husband to take the children farther into the woods and leave them there to die. Hansel and Gretel attempt to leave the house to gather more pebbles, but find the doors locked and escape impossible.

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