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After the feeling of exaltation that had come to the farmer as a result of his successful
 year, another mood had taken possession of him. For a long time he had been going about 
 feeling very humble and prayerful. Again he walked alone at night thinking of God and as
 he walked he again connected his own figure with the figures of old days. Under the stars
 he knelt on the wet grass and raised up his voice in prayer. Now he had decided that like
 the men whose stories filled the pages of the Bible, he would make a sacrifice to God. "I
 have been given these abundant crops and God has also sent me a boy who is called David,"
 he whispered to himself. "Perhaps I should have done this thing long ago." He was sorry t
 he idea had not come into his mind in the days before his daughter Louise had been born a
 nd thought that surely now when he had erected a pile of burning sticks in some lonely pla
 ce in the woods and had offered the body of a lamb as a burnt offering, God would appear to
him and give him a message.More and more as he thought of the matter, he thought also of Da
vid and his passionate self-love was partially forgotten. "It is time for the boy to begin 
thinking of going out into the world and the message will be one concerning him," he decided.
 "God will make a pathway for him. He will tell me what place David is to take in life and w
 hen he shall set out on his journey. It is right that the boy c
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