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Few people so far have managed as well or as long as the Cleveland brothers of Syracuse, New York, who have over 157 years of living with diabetes between them. Robert "Bob" Cleveland, reaching his 87th birthday in March of 2007, has lived longer with diabetes than almost anyone else so far —82In their early lives with diabetes, times were quite different, and all they could really do at that time was to be vigilant and hope for the best. The Clevelands have actually lived most of their lives in what we often refer to as the "dark ages" of diabetes care (incluweeks or months in most cases (even on a "starvation" diet with limited carbohydrate and food intake) because
 insulin was not discovered until 1921, and it was not widely available commercially until 1922 to 1923, mostly in the larger suburban areas. Likewise, although type 2 diabetes could often be controlled with diet and exercise, it also usually led to years of debilitating illness and a shortened life expectancy. Just a few years after the brothers' arrival into the world, however, scientists at the University of Toronto isolated insulin in a form that was effective and safe enough for human use (although far from optimal), and then Eli Lilly & Company began to mass-produce it for the first time by 1922. Although insulin's discovery kept the 5-year-old Gerald from dying soon after his diagnosis in 1925ding decades of even "darker" years than both of us have lived through). Before the early 1980s, 
almost no one had access to the modern tools of diabetes care, like home blood glucose monitors and synthetic human insulins, to help optimize control of blood sugars. The expected outcomes of diabetes back then included amputations, blindness, kidney failure, and heart disease, not to mention a severely shortened life span. years— since the age of 5, just a few years after the discovery of insulin in 1921. Even more remarkable, though, is the fact that he is not the sole member of his family who has survived a remarkably long time with diabetes. His older brother, Gerald, who turned 91 years old in January, has also had type 1 diabetes since childhood — only slightly less long at 75 years, since the age of 16. Experts say that they know of no other person who has lived to be as old as Gerald after having had type 1 diabetes most of his life.

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