58.9USD(150W Philips & HBG MW) - New UFO Hibay Standard

ZF Jack Hu market@edm.kingdomled.tech
Mar 15 Ago 2017 13:26:10 CEST

 Philips & Meanwell HBG 150W 58.9$ - The 3rd New UFO Hibay Standard 

UFO HIGH BAY LIGHT- Lumens Efficacy: 150Lm/W

Power Range: 100W | 150W | 200W; 
150W=58.9USD (With Meanwell HBG Driver) 

	* SMART heatsink design
 	* Fixture is lighter with excellent heat dissipation
 	* PHILIPS SMD3030 + Meanwell Driver HBG
 	* Ideal for large settings that need bright illumination
 	* Long-lasting premium quality

		Learn More https://kdled.en.alibaba.com

Hi , my name is Jack, 6 Years in LED Lighting field. Excellent skill
on Lighting Project Dialux Design, Manufacturing costs analysis,
OEM/ODM/SKD/CKD Parts Trading. Let me know if there is anything I
could help.
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