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On Thu, Jun 01, 2006 13:37:56 PM +0200, Benjamin Ducke
(benjamin.ducke@ufg.uni-kiel.de) wrote:

> I would like to add a few words to this discussion focussing
> on GIS and open source in archaeology.
> From a spatial science point of view, GIS technology is the best
> thing to happen in software development for the last 20 years.

> Currently, we are in what I like to call the "Archaeological
> software crisis": there is a lot of development on fundamental
> quantitative methods but no software to put our methods into
> practice an a broad scale.  We are now past the playful era of the
> 1990s where people just played around with existing GIS systems to
> see what could be useful. We have grown an awareness for what we
> need and do not find it in commercial software.

Thanks to Benjamin for sharing these thoughts. This is exactly what I
was looking for, and I hope that my article increases the awareness of
these problems among the general public (those who, directly or
through taxes, fund research in this and many other areas).

Oh, and thanks to Stefano, of course, for forwarding my request to the

	Marco F.

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