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M. Fioretti mfioretti@mclink.it
Thu Jun 1 17:08:58 CEST 2006

Note to R. Bagnara, since I can't write to him directly: your mail
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* as far as I'm concerned, is broken, meaning that I'm not a spammer
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* you may want to not apply to addresses to which you sent email earlier.

On Thu, Jun 01, 2006 16:52:22 PM +0200, Stefano Costa (steko@iosa.it)

> These are 2 well distinct problems.

Exactly the reason of my question.

> Furthermore it's quite difficult to imagine "open formats for
> archaeology"... because in terms of information technology we don't
> (yet?) produce any data of some new species that needs new formats

This is what interests me, both personally and for the article. Why
did you add "yet?"?? Is something happening in this field and if yes,
will it be open source?

> biologists, anthropologists. The "Archaeocommons" website sounds
> quite useless to me since I found it out, and in that sense we
> should be able to find legal tools to achieve this major
> objective. But this clashes with bureaucracy too, at least in Italy.

Any more specific details that could be published about this?

> Hope that someone else can give us feedback.

One of the reasons why I write this kind of articles is exactly to
generate more general interest and help people to meet online and
support each other. I hope it will also happen in this case.

Oh, before I forget: I am always interested in new, unpublished FOSS
stories of any kind, especially if based in Italy/Europe or in fields
(like in this case) which are normally ignored by most IT
professionals. I write them on Newsforge, Linux Journal and other
forums. Please everybody, feel free to contact me in any moment about


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