OS and FS in archaeology

lorenzo de lellis delellis@gmail.com
Sun Jun 4 10:56:41 CEST 2006

2006/6/3, Benjamin Ducke <benjamin.ducke@ufg.uni-kiel.de>:
> What I was missing in the old version of ArcheOS was some good sample
> data for each application to play with.
> I was also a bit stupified by the fact that I was greeted with a very
> blank desktop void of even a menu bar. I had to find out that you need
> to move the mouse cursor to the bottom to popup the starter menu ...
> Maybe put some presentations, PDF documents etc. on the Desktop
> to get people started?

This would be really useful,  not only in relationship with ArcheOS. The
grass documentation is almost complete and very good, but some docs related
specifically to archaeological work could be useful for all and a source of
inspiration for personal experimentation. Maybe a wiki could be the best
medium for such a task?
I think that also some sample data would be very appreciated, specifically
by those who are approaching GRASS for the first time or those experienced
with other GIS software who don't want (or already don't know how) to import
their data.

Best regards,
Lorenzo de Lellis
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