Georeferencing and rectify

Luca Bezzi
Tue Jun 13 20:24:09 CEST 2006

Srafano wrote:

> Luca,

Hi Stefano,

> I'm not using rectifying software on a daily basis, but I can't remember
> any other piece of free software for doing rectifying and georeferencing

Maybe some parts of e-foto can be useful

> (photomosaic, that ugly term.. :-)

Yes, but what I really need is a "fotopiano" (photomosaic?), cause if I want to
rectify and georeference a single photo (from airplane or satellite) or a scanned
map I can use GRASS without problems. 
I was thinking about an auto-equalizing filter too (maybe simpler to develop in
Python?), it will be very usefull if you want a photomosaic  

> with the exception of Walldrawer,
> which doesn't really does rectyfying but just low-quality stretching of
> the images.

I already tried Walldrawer, but it is not really what I am looking for, I don't
think it is very useful for me...

> However, the GRASS commands use knows algorhytms to do their work (and
> they're GPL'ed), so I think it wouldn't be too difficult to build an
> application with a simple GUI that does just rectifying and
> georeferencing based upon a known working algorhythm

I don't know, I would like to speake with Markus about this... I am not sure that
with the algorhytms GRASS has now, it is possible to rectify an image with only 4
points (probably there are no problems to georeference it). I mean that maybe you
can do it, but it will be not so accurate.

> (just like Rollei MSR, or MicroMap, for those who know them). 

I was thinking about Monobild as well (maybe the faster software, for such a work)

> Obviously, this means time to spend on such a project, but we can put our little 
> efforts together
> at least.

Sure, I would like to... I think that this is one of the main problems if you
want to work in "field-archaeology" with only OS/FS software: you can do it, bu
it is very slow...

> Please let us know what you all think about this. Thank you,


Thank you for the answer, bye

Luca Bezzi

Archaeology & Free Software

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