CAA UK 2007 Chapter

Sebastian Rahtz
Sat Nov 25 16:10:31 CET 2006

Stefano Costa wrote:
> some time ago I posted on news about the CAA UK 2007 Chapter
> Is someone of the list members going there? What is the current status
> of free software and "openness" in UK archaeology, in your experience?
> I know there are quite a lot of subscribers from UK, please let us know
> if there is going to be some lecture about open source.
Yes,  I will be speaking at CAA UK. The theme of
my talk is a comparison with the state of things in 1987
(the reason being that it is the 20th anniversary
of the Southampton MSc in archaeological computing).
One major change since then is to do
with licensing, both software and data.  I will
certainly be talking about that aspect.

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