AGAIN: sharing the data

Joost Soeterbroek
Mon Oct 9 11:17:23 CEST 2006


On Sat Oct 7 10:27:12 CEST 2006, Giancarlo Macchi wrote:
 > standard. 2) any kind of repository administrator system. I do not
 > think that any database system will work. 3) a mirror network to
 > speaking I need instead the exact copy of the datasets
 > my colleague has used. Has he changed/corrected/modieid
 > the original CRM file?

Reading your requirements with regards to a repository system to store 
archaeological data, I would like to propose to you the use of the 
Subversion ( revision control system.

Originally used primarily in software development, Subversion could very 
well be used to store archaeological data, both binary and non-binary, 
and will allow you to easily track who has submitted and/or modified the 
data. Basically, what Subversion will offer you is a centralized file 
repository with historical information.

People working with the data can submit, view, change and retrieve the 
data over the Internet, even revert back to previous versions of the data.

You can also make your repository easily viewable/browsable through the 
internet with Trac (, which contains (among 
other things) a source browser allowing a view on the data in the 
Subversion repository and the changes to it.

Both Trac and Subversion are both Open Source projects and can be used 
freely and separately from each other. If you want, I can help with 
implementing this. All you need it is someone to host and maintain this.


Joost Soeterbroek <>

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