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Stefano Costa
Thu Sep 7 15:57:18 CEST 2006

Il giorno mer, 06/09/2006 alle 10.43 +0200, Roberto Bagnara ha scritto:
> Hello Stefano,

> What do you mean by "stuck with a somewhat aristotelic view of the
> world."
> And what should we see by "looking at the binary logic?"

> I am not sure I follow: what does a post-modern approach to computer
> science look like? 

Hello Roberto,
and thank you for your questions that helped me in thinking more about
what I wrote in my previous post.

What I was trying to say is that the whole set of soft computing
techniques looks to me quite different from the "hard" ones (that I
quite roughly defined "aristotelic" - well, perhaps the mathematic
assumptions behind them do not try to contradict the aristotelic logic),
and as far as I know these techniques can be of great help in the study
of complex systems (like economics, biology, and ... archaeology).

I found easier to label this approach "post-modern" because it deals
with uncertainty and probability, but I'm not going to insist on this
definition! :)

Anyway, I hope we can have some further insight about this next week
during QMDAA.

Best regards,


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