AGAIN: sharing the data

Chris Puttick
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(a) We are.

(b) We are... With some exceptions due to contractual conditions, mostly only resulting in timelags of years rather than decades.

(c) All of it, clean and dirty, accurate measurements and passing comments.

Is a *lot* of data.


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Well since Vittorio's last words things got extremely quiet in

 > Let's try to get more
 > practical in the next posts; if anyone agrees at all on the several 
 > that have been raised, let's try to formulate some proposals on how to go
 > about it.

Are we stuck at this point? Yeah, I definitely think so. :-)

In fact we are able to talk about a lot on nice theoretical
things but when we try to move to a practical level then ...

Well, I think that I will still insist on the
"data sharing" issue. Which I think is actually the ISSUE here.
Just think for a second, if the data of my archaeological models
is available on the public domain then I am forced to be formal
in the quantification and definition processes.  Therefore
whoever would like to follow this path should be formal also in
the definition of the data itself.  And finally one may also be
forced to save his/her files encoded with common open formats.
Roberto has always insisted on this point: "the real problem is
the data". "Where is data?" "Do I have access to your data?"

So, before we start to be practical let us measure if it is worth it.

a) How many of you are willing to share their own data?
b) How many of you are able to share their own data?
c) What kind of data would you eventually share with the community?
   everything? a part of it? only the part related with my published
   models or theories?

Once we know exactly the amount and type of information that
eventually we will be available then probably we will decide if
it is worth to move to a more practical level.

Have a nice W.E.


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