AGAIN: sharing the data

Giancarlo Macchi
Fri Sep 22 17:15:26 CEST 2006

Of course it is worrying! Otherwise why are we posting
here. Please, take into account that things in the U.K. and in
Italy are different. Here most of the archaeological records are
kept hidden to the rest of the scientific community. So basically
there is no need to think to "procedures for long-term exchange
and archiving". We are trying to change things and perhaps
you can help us.
With the words "to be formal" I meant to put things in a
comprehensible and exhaustive way for the public. We would be
very grateful if maybe you can provide and post some links of
repositories where you guys in U.K. have already solved the
problem of archaeological data sharing: metadata, open formats,
readability of the data 100 years from now etc?
Thank you in advance,


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