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Stefano Costa steko@iosa.it
Sat Jan 20 00:04:41 CET 2007

Dear list members,
I'd like to share with you the new public wiki that
I started, meant to host tutorials and other teaching/learning
materials for Quantitative Archaeology on a public web space.

This wiki is hosted on Wikia.com and its URI is

I chose to start it on a third party free host so that everyone feels
free to give her/his contribution.

It's quite empty at the moment but I hope I'll be able to get the two
existing sections complete soon. This is not a call for volunteers, but
if you want, you can come in and help, it's just a matter of creating a
free account.

My idea was to build something different from the iosa.it portal (that
hosts mainly links) and start creating free documentation from scratch,
while learning for my studies. The license for all pages is the GNU
Free Documentation License.

If you like the wiki and want to add more content, feel free to do so
but please let us know replying to this message or starting a new
thread on this mailing list.

Best regards and sorry for crossposting this message.


Stefano Costa
Jabber: steko@jabber.linux.it
http://www.iosa.it Open Archaeology
Io uso GNU/Linux!

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