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Loïc Jammet-Reynal jammetr1@etu.unige.ch
Fri Mar 23 01:39:22 CET 2007

Hi all.

I am a UNIX geek and also the author of a master thesis about ceramic  
seriation (a case study in eastern France). I am especially  
interested in data visualisation. My work makes use of quantitative  
methods, image processing,... all of it with pure open-source  
software like R, gcc, LaTeX and ImageJ. And also Apple's Quartz API,  
unfree but extremely efficient. Unfortunately, it is written in  
French. I can still post some code on the wiki. I thing the most  
interesting part of it would be a R function to plot Ford Battleships  
diagrams. It works well and is easy to use. It is very basic but it  
seems to be unpublished on the Internet.  I’ll do it soon.

I will attend CAA 07 in Berlin and present a poster (in some kind of  
English) about my work. I am looking forward to seeing some of you  


Loïc Jammet-Reynal

Loïc Jammet-Reynal
Département d'anthropologie et d'écologie
Université de Genève
CH-1211 Genève 4

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