"spearheads" dataset released into the public domain

Stefano Costa steko@iosa.it
Wed Dec 10 20:48:43 CET 2008

Dear all,
it's a great pleasure for me to announce that the "spearheads" dataset
used in the "Digging Numbers" textbook by M. Fletcher and G. Lock has
been released by the authors into the public domain.

As you might know, the Quantitative Archaeology Wiki contains a section
dedicated to the book's exercises

Until now, one had to get a copy of the book to have access to the
example "spearheads" dataset. Since today (some days ago, actually)
anyone can download the dataset in CSV format from the wiki page. Of
course all readers are encouraged to continue using the textbook for
everything else than the exercises.

We are grateful to Prof. Gary Lock who has kindly accepted to release
the dataset into the public domain. I'd like to thank Dr. Andrew R.
Millard who contacted personally Prof. Lock and made the first upload of
the original dataset on the Quantitative Archaeology Wiki, and John
Dougherty who pointed out some problems with the format of the CSV file.

The Digging Numbers exercises on the wiki are almost complete and there
are still just a few rough edges. I hope that it will reach soon a final
version. As always, everyone is welcome to contribute, even
proof-reading helps.

Best regards,

Stefano Costa
http://www.iosa.it/ Open Archaeology

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