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Chris Puttick
Mon Sep 8 14:37:05 CEST 2008

Surely open is a founding principle of science? IP issues aside, a scientific "discovery" must be founded on reproducible experiments and the results of the experiments so far carried in out in testing the theory. Always been the weak point in archaeology's science armour, reproducibility. And come to think of it, providing the raw results of the work already done is not so popular either :)


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> I'm forwarding this because it may be relevant for the many of those
> who
> are involved in Open Access for Archaeology.
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> from the Science Commons Blog [1]:
>         Interested in open science?
>         If so, there’s a new discussion list [2] you may want to join,
>         brought to you by the good folks at the Open Knowledge
>         Foundation.
>         Writes OKF’s Jonathan Gray:
>                 As far as we could tell, there wasn’t a general
> mailing
>                 list for people interested in open science. Hence the
>                 new list aims to cover this gap, and to strengthen and
>                 consolidate the open science community.
>                 We hope it will be a relatively low volume list for
>                 relevant announcements, questions and notes. We also
>                 hope to get as full as possible representation from
> the
>                 open science community — so please forward this to
>                 anyone you think might be interested to join!
> [1]
> [2]
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