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Stefano Costa
Tue Jun 9 13:18:42 CEST 2009

Il giorno mar, 09/06/2009 alle 11.43 +0200, Leonardo de Virgilio ha
> Buongiorno lista,
> per me è finito il momento di lurkare. Seguo il progetto IOSA sia sul
> sito che su Launchpad da un bel pò, ed è giunto per me il momento di
> contribuire.

Hi Francesco,
you probably meant this message for the *italian* mailing list :)

I realize there's a bit of confusion about these two mailing lists, I
should probably explain this in a better way on the website,

Concerning your question, there is no "short answer", but based on your
requirements you should try pyArchInit a QGIS plugin written by Luca
Mandolesi that does almost exactly what you need. Luca presented its
plugin in Rome last month during the 4th workshop, and he promised he
would release source code soon. 

If you're in a hurry, starting from scratch right now is unlikely to
give you something usable in a few weeks. If you need some help with
QGIS & co. you should ask on the mailing list (Luca Mandolesi
is subscribed to that one for sure).


P.S. I think you should find some time to tell the world about the first
archaeological mapping party you did in Pompeii last year, it's
something interesting.

Stefano Costa Open Archaeology
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