[ArcheOS] Some updates

Fabrizio Furnari fab.furnari@gmail.com
Mer 25 Nov 2009 13:54:52 CET

Hi to all, I write this email to both the ML to keep everyone updated on the
current development of ArcheOS v4, "Caesar".
Who's not interested in such arguments can delete this email without
regrets! :-)

First of all a problem: as many knows the new ArcheOS version will be built
on the Debian testing (Squeeze) distribution. The package freeze is expected
at March 2010. Until that date all the packages included in Squeeze will be
updated not only for security-related bugs, but also for general
improvements. This means that a software that we include now in ArcheOS can
change radically until March.
Obviously this can be a problem, and we must choose from two solutions:
ignore the changes and decide an "our freezing date", or release ArcheOS 4
after March 2010.

First thought I'd like to share with you are about the chance of releasing
some "Weekly build" of ArcheOS 4. In this stage we can start to package all
non-repository software and set up the artwork. Obviously not all will be
fully functional but according to Torvalds law: "Given a large enough
beta-tester and co-developer base, almost every problem will be
characterized quickly and the fix will be obvious to someone."

Another ideas could be create a meta-package and a repository that, once
installed, can transform a fresh vanilla Debian Squeeze into ArcheOS. This
is an approach used by many distros, like Edubuntu and others and have some
undeniable benefits.
Think of download the latest Debian image, launch a sudo apt-get install
archeos-base and voilą!

Other facts that needs working are the replication of the ISOs on other
mirrors to increase the availability, a 64bit architecture release, and
other thoughts.

Let me know what you think about!

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