[ArcheOS] Some updates

Michel Briand michelbriand@free.fr
Dom 29 Nov 2009 10:44:19 CET

Fabrizio Furnari <fab.furnari@gmail.com> - Wed, 25 Nov 2009 13:54:52

>Hi to all, I write this email to both the ML to keep everyone updated on the
>current development of ArcheOS v4, "Caesar".
>Who's not interested in such arguments can delete this email without
>regrets! :-)
>First of all a problem: as many knows the new ArcheOS version will be built
>on the Debian testing (Squeeze) distribution. The package freeze is expected
>at March 2010. Until that date all the packages included in Squeeze will be
>updated not only for security-related bugs, but also for general
>improvements. This means that a software that we include now in ArcheOS can
>change radically until March.
>Obviously this can be a problem, and we must choose from two solutions:
>ignore the changes and decide an "our freezing date", or release ArcheOS 4
>after March 2010.
>First thought I'd like to share with you are about the chance of releasing
>some "Weekly build" of ArcheOS 4. In this stage we can start to package all
>non-repository software and set up the artwork. Obviously not all will be
>fully functional but according to Torvalds law: "Given a large enough
>beta-tester and co-developer base, almost every problem will be
>characterized quickly and the fix will be obvious to someone."
>Another ideas could be create a meta-package and a repository that, once
>installed, can transform a fresh vanilla Debian Squeeze into ArcheOS. This
>is an approach used by many distros, like Edubuntu and others and have some
>undeniable benefits.
>Think of download the latest Debian image, launch a sudo apt-get install
>archeos-base and voilą!
>Other facts that needs working are the replication of the ISOs on other
>mirrors to increase the availability, a 64bit architecture release, and
>other thoughts.
>Let me know what you think about!


I support the later proposition: try to identify ArcheOS specificity
and package that stuff in a meta package or a script so it's easy to
"rebuild" it on top of Debian when we want.

BTW : where's the repository ? I'd like to test / look at.



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