[ArcheOS] ArcheOS - Version 4.0. Software suggestion.

Luca Bezzi luca.bezzi@arc-team.com
Sab 13 Mar 2010 14:51:03 CET

Hi Ricardo,
thanks for your support.
Answering your question about Bundler: yes, ArcheOS 4 will be integrated 
with Bundler (and other software for Structure From Motion). This should 
be one of the main news regarding software of the next version (with 
other graphic programs for semi automatic archaeological drawing).
Here http://www.archeos.eu/wiki/doku.php?id=screenshots you can see the 
first experiment we did (the screenshot with the lion head loaded in 
MeshLab is done with SFM technique).
Actually, thanks to the effort of Fabrizio, we are reorganizing ArcheOS 
and packaging all the old software of ArcheOS 3 (any kind of help is 
welcome!). When we'll be finished we will integrate the new software 
(more or less 5 or 6 new programs). It will be an hard work, cause 
bundler is not sufficient  for a good SFM  3D reconstruction (the 
point-cloud is not dense enough), but Alessandro already install all the 
necessary software in ArcheOS 2 and it is working very good. The 
argument is a little bit complicate, but if you are interested you can 
join us (we are also checking alternatives to SIFT algorithm the would 
be under copyright in USA).
Regarding ArcheOS tutorial, we are waiting for a new web space offered 
by Innsbruck University, but looks like it will need a little bit more 
time. By the way many tutorials has to be updated after the release of 
the new ArcheOS, so we are waiting to finish ArcheOS 4.
Anyway if you would like, for us will be a great help if you want to 
collaborate in writing/translating tutorials. Just let us know and we 
will create an account for you in the old wiki.
> 2010/3/12 Ricardo Gaidão <>
>     Greetings from Portugal
>     I'm archaeologist and big fan of ArcheOS team work.
>     Since 2007 I try to show the advantages of open source software to
>     my colleges (here
>     <http://ml.ci.uc.pt/mhonarchive/archport/msg01163.html>) . Your
>     Linux distribution is great because some software is difficult to
>     install to most of people - like me - without knowledge about
>     software compilation and setup.
>     Thank you very much for your efforts.
>     I just want to leave a suggestion. Is it possible to integrate in
>     ArcheOS the Bundler Structure from Motion for Unordered Image
>     <http://phototour.cs.washington.edu/bundler/>  software?
>     Many archaeologist are interested in creating point clouds and
>     meshes from simple photos (see here
>     <http://www.personal.psu.edu/nmc15/blogs/anthspace/blog/>).
>     Bundler allow this, but is a little difficult to install and some
>     people choose to hack Microsoft Photosynth to do the same job
>     (like this
>     <http://www.imagefact.de/monuments/pomaskaCIPA2009.pdf>). This is
>     not very logical because Photosynth use part of the Bundler code,
>     and also establish some limits to the input data.    
>     A great number of archaeologists don't have access to 3D laser
>     scanners. This structure from motion technology is offering
>     interesting results and is a chance to explore the Scanalyze and
>     Meshlab software that integrate your distro. Services like Arc3D
>     <http://www.arc3d.be/> offer amazing results, but are only free
>     for academic use and you can't control the process, because all
>     the calculations are made on their servers.
>     I'm waiting for the ArcheOS 4.0 final version.
>     Keep up the good work
>     Ricardo Gaidão (archaeologist)
>     P.S.
>     Is it possible to collaborate in the portuguese translation of the
>     online ArcheOS tutorials? How?
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> @p{"r$p","u$p"}=(P,P);pipe"r$p","u$p";++$p;($q*=2)+=$f=!fork;map{$P=$P[$f^ord
> ($p{$_})&6];$p{$_}=/ 
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> close$_}%p;wait until$?;map{/^r/&&<$_>}%p;$_=$d[$q];sleep 
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