[ArcheOS] Archaeological DB and webgis

Luca Bezzi luca.bezzi@arc-team.com
Dom 3 Apr 2011 16:37:59 CEST

Hi Yann,
by now i am not at home (i am in Sweden), but when i will be back i will give a
look for sure! Thanks for the upload!

Luca Bezzi

Archaeology & Free Software

On 31/03/11 14:06, Le Jeune Yann wrote:
> For information: we've just update the object model in the wiki for Ishtar
project : http://lysithea.proxience.com/download/ishtar/ishtar_bdd.png
> I's a bit messy and not the final version, but if it could help, or be critisized !
> ++
> yann
> -- 
>  Yann Le Jeune
> Web : http://www.paleosystem.fr/ylj_pro/

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