[ArcheOS] new python photogrammetry toolbox package for archeso 4

luca luca.bezzi@arc-team.com
Sab 9 Apr 2011 10:56:35 CEST

Hi all,
Simone Pedron reported that the package python photogrammetry toolbox 
(ppt) was not recognizing his camera. Thanks to this feedback Alessandro 
modified a little the software and now you can check if your camera 
parameters are already inside the database of ppt. If not you can just 
add them and the internal database will be automatically updated. 
Alessandro packaged the new version of ppt and Fabrizio already tested 
it. So if you want to update it, soon you will be able to do it through 
Synaptic (it will be in the archeos section). Finally you can build your 
3D model also with pictures from cameras that ppt does not recognize in 
the beginning. Hopefully a new tootorial will follow soon.
We thank Simone for reporting the issue and we wait for other feedbacks!

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