[ArcheOS] Ishtar (Archaeological online DB) is open for tests... in french

Le Jeune Yann lj.yann@gmail.com
Lun 1 Ago 2011 16:05:26 CEST

Hello !

Ishtar is a project for an online DB for archaeological data
The tests are open (on registration) unfortunately only in french
version at this time, but the project is quite easy to translate (.po
file in english with a translation only to french at this time).

We don't have a .deb at this time but we are working on it.
Soon (i hope) we will provide a (crash)-test base in english.

Feel free (if you understand some kind of french) to send me a mail
for an ID/pwd to access the test-base.

(proto)-Wiki and related links are :

If that project is interesting (only you might know that !) maybe it
could be included in Archeos ???

Any reports or criticisms are welcome !



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