[ArcheOS] Ishtar (Archaeological online DB) is open for tests... in french

Fabrizio Furnari fab.furnari@email.it
Mer 3 Ago 2011 20:02:44 CEST

Hi Yann,
thanks for your interest in ArcheOS and for your very good project.
Hope that someone here in ArcheOS who read this and knows also a little bit
of french language can join your project...

In the meantime, good luck for Ishtar!


On Mon, Aug 1, 2011 at 4:05 PM, Le Jeune Yann <lj.yann@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello !
> Ishtar is a project for an online DB for archaeological data
> (apache/python/django/postgresl/postgis).
> The tests are open (on registration) unfortunately only in french
> version at this time, but the project is quite easy to translate (.po
> file in english with a translation only to french at this time).
> We don't have a .deb at this time but we are working on it.
> Soon (i hope) we will provide a (crash)-test base in english.
> Feel free (if you understand some kind of french) to send me a mail
> for an ID/pwd to access the test-base.
> (proto)-Wiki and related links are :
> http://redmine.proxience.com/projects/ishtar/wiki
> If that project is interesting (only you might know that !) maybe it
> could be included in Archeos ???
> Any reports or criticisms are welcome !
> ++
> yann
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