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Hi Alessandro,
i know LandSerf, but unfortunately i don't think it is compatible with 

/Source code, bytecode and documentation for LandSerf remain Copyright, 
Jo Wood, 1996-2009.
You may make copies of this software and associated documentation, 
provided it is for personal or educational use and the original 
documentation remains intact. You must not sell or otherwise charge for 
the use of LandSerf./

Alessandro Bezzi

On 12/29/2012 05:12 PM, Alessandro.Camiz@uniroma1.it wrote:
> a) Test BRLCAD
> I tested BRLCAD on windows XP
> it seems to work, main problem is it works only with a proprietary 
> file format
> .g extension
> "there are An assortment of geometric converters to convert to and/or 
> from other geometry formats, including Euclid, ACAD, AutoCAD DXF, 
> TANKILL, Wavefront OBJ, Pro/ENGINEER, JACK (the human factors model 
> for doing workload/usability studies), Viewpoint Data Lab, NASTRAN, 
> Digital Equipment's Object File Format (OFF), Virtual Reality Mark-up 
> Language (VRML), Stereo Lithography (STL), Cyberware Digitizer data, 
> and FASTGEN4. "
> cfr. http://brlcad.org/wiki/Overview
> it seems like the conversion tools are external to the main 
> application, didn't test them
> it does seem too complicated for me.....
> I would like to suggest this useful java application
> DEM modeling, morphological terrain analisys, GRASS compatibility
> http://www.soi.city.ac.uk/~jwo/landserf/
> Alessandro Camiz

Alessandro Bezzi

Archaeology&  Free Software

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