[ArcheOS] E-Foto Rectification problems

luca luca.bezzi@arc-team.com
Sab 4 Feb 2012 10:56:34 CET

Hi Ricardo,
I normally work with e-foto with picture between 2 and 4 MB. I do not 
have yor problems. Which format do you use for the picture? I use jpeg 
or png and I save the result in bmp

To rectufy i guess it is better to use e-foto (which is a real 
photogrammetric suite) rahter than GIMP, which is not developed to 
consider metric values. Anyway there are surely tools and plugin for 
GIMP to correct images (normally developed for perspective control 

Other possibility are the tools of gvSIG, GRASS, or QGIS.


On 03/02/12 22:27, Ricardo Gaidão wrote:
> I tried ArcheOS and a equivalent windows version of E-Foto Rectification and noticed the same problem.
> Apparently the program only work well with small images.
> When I use photos bigger than 2 MB the program start to give problems. Sometimes control points vanish during the point marking operation and other
> times the original and reference photos disappear!
> Does anyone noticed the same problem?
> What are the alternatives to e-foto (I read somewhere about GIMP similar plugins)? 
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