[ArcheOS] GIS software Kosmo

Denis Francisci denis.francisci@gmail.com
Mar 2 Ott 2012 21:19:51 CEST

Hi all,
Anyone knows and uses the GIS software Kosmo (http://www.opengis.es/)?
I tested it very quickly and it seems very good. It is a mix of
openjump (is very similar in many tools and probably uses part of
openjump's code) and some functions of gvsig (like cad tools and dwg
reader). Kosmo's CAD tool are very interesting and the number of its
extensions makes this software very attractive.
In the next ArcheOS it could replace gvsig and openjump, one software
instead of 2.
If someone has already used Kosmo, would be interesting comments about it.


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