[ArcheOS] GIS software Kosmo

Denis Francisci denis.francisci@gmail.com
Mar 2 Ott 2012 23:15:38 CEST

Hi Luca,
I've forgot the 3D extension of gvsig and your experiments about it.
Yes of course, for these works is better that we keep gvsig in
Nevertheless version 2.0 of Kosmo seems very good and - in my opinion
- we have to test this software and evaluate a possible insertion in
ArcheOS, maybe replacing openjump: CAD tools and other extensions
makes Kosmo very competitive and makes it better than openjump. But we
have to test heavily this software. For example a problem could be
connection with postgres-postgis or spatialite: I don't know if Kosmo
can connect with them... When I have time, I'll test it.


2012/10/2 luca <luca.bezzi@arc-team.com>:
> Hi Denis,
> Kosmo should be a fork of OpenJUMP (or of JUMP) and the extension of Kosmo
> should work also for OpenJUMP (and all the other JUMP forks), but it would
> be better to check. I tried it a couple of years ago, but it was too similar
> to OpenJUMP, so I did not go on with other test (maybe now something is
> changed).
> Regarding gvSIG, I think we should keep it in ArcheOS next release: I did
> some test with its 3D extension (not yet in ArcheOS) and I have to say that
> looks really great for many reaons (e.g. the possibility to import obj
> files, which means that we can import in the GIS both modeled and documented
> 3D). Here are some links reporting the test I did with gvSIG 3D. What do you
> think about it?
> http://arc-team-open-research.blogspot.it/2012/02/gvsig-3d.html
> http://arc-team-open-research.blogspot.it/2012/03/gvsig-3d-with-sfm-data.html
> http://arc-team-open-research.blogspot.it/2012/03/4d-gis.html
> Ciao.
> On 02/10/12 21:19, Denis Francisci wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Anyone knows and uses the GIS software Kosmo (http://www.opengis.es/)?
>> I tested it very quickly and it seems very good. It is a mix of
>> openjump (is very similar in many tools and probably uses part of
>> openjump's code) and some functions of gvsig (like cad tools and dwg
>> reader). Kosmo's CAD tool are very interesting and the number of its
>> extensions makes this software very attractive.
>> In the next ArcheOS it could replace gvsig and openjump, one software
>> instead of 2.
>> If someone has already used Kosmo, would be interesting comments about it.
>> Bye,
>> Denis
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