[bglug] Nast 0.1.7 released

embyte bglug@lists.linux.it
Wed, 16 Apr 2003 12:16:46 +0200

Nast 0.1.7 has just been released.

Nast is a packet sniffer and a LAN analyzer based on Libnet and Libpcap.
It can sniff in normal mode or in promiscuos mode the packets on a network 
interface and log it.  It dumps the headers of packets and the payload in 
ascii or ascii-hex format.  You can apply a filter. The sniffed data can be 
saved in a separated file.
As analyzer tool, it has many features like:
              * Build LAN hosts list
              * Follow a TCP-DATA stream
              * Find LAN internet gateways
              * Discorver promiscous nodes
              * Reset an established connection
              * Perform a single half-open portscanner
              * Perform a multi half-open portscanner
              * Find link type (hub or switch)
              * Catch daemon banner of LAN nodes
              * Control arp answers to discover possible arp-spoofings
              * Byte couting with an optional filter
              * Write reports logging
It also provides a ncurses menu.

Changelog since Nast 0.1.6
 + Ported to FreeBSD (tested on FreeBSD 5)
 + Added logging support to car() and psearch()
 + Added two possible logging support to sniffing (-l and --ld)
 + Added traffic monitoring feature (-C <"filter">)
 + Extended promiscous mode research to all network NIC (-P all)
 + Added nast_hex_ntoa() to convert u_char[6] MAC address to "##:##:..##" form
 + Added nast_atoda() to convert u_char[4] internet host address to
   "###.###.###.###" format
 + Added a check on interfaces in main()
 !! Breaked netmask limitation in map_lan(). Now Nast work with every netmask.
 !! Breaked max host number limitation in map_lan(). Now Nast can search for
    a limitless number of host using dynamic allocation.
 !! Fixed (int) to_ms in pcap_open_live() (setting>0) to work with *BSD
 !! Fixed a video output bug in car()
 !! Fixed common return value (NULL) of map_lan() to distinguish no-host from
 !! Worked on sniffer features (log, output, headers size, *buf offset, ..)
 !! Much code has been modified in order to work exclusively on libnet making
    it os-independent (all headers file has been deleted and includes have
    been optimized)
 !! Fixed a bug in logging support in port.c
 !! Fixed a bug in mport() with telnet banner reader
 !! Cleaned option parser in main()
 !! Arranged manpage and compilation/installation procedure

Here: http://nast.berlios.de/src/nast-0.1.7.tar.gz
Homepage is http://nast.berlios.de

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MD5 (nast-0.1.7.tar.gz) = 2c8f43652b204415e98a5fdedeb579fd

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