[bglug] ANN: PRICE 0.6.1

Riccardo multix@ngi.it
Sab 11 Giu 2005 09:26:32 CEST

(scusate che lo posto in inglese, ma gia' e' stato una faticaccia 
scriverlo, non avevo voglia di pure tradurlo)

P. R. I. C. E.  0.6.1

I released a new version of price, 0.6.1, yesterday. This version has 
many small enhancements and bug fixes over 0.6, but since I never 
announced the release of that one I will sum up all changes.

What is PRICE?
It stands for Precision Raster Image Convolution Engine and is an 
application that is capable of filtering and processing images. It is 
available on both GNUstep (this linux, netbsd, freebsd, openbsd, 
solaris) and Macosx (tested from 10.1 Puma and up). It is multi-document 
based and can open all standard images supported by gnustep (tiff, png, 
jpg to cite some). It is capable of doing standard operation like 
crop&scale or brightness&contrast as well as more advanced operations 
with frequency-based filters or median filters or customizeable edge 

Where to find it?
where you will find also some online documentation which you will 
probably need to understand better how to use the program.

PRICE is GPL'd and each filter is a separate class with well-defined 
interfaces so I encourage the reuse of them in other applications.

What are the news?
- automatic window scaling on open
- implemented a preference panel (for controlling auto-window scaling 
and the closure of filter dialogs after applying them)
- an Icon, finally! There are two versions of it, one for Macos-X and 
one for GNUstep
- Brightness and Contrast adjustment

and many small and big bug-fixes of course.

There are of course several limitations and shortcomings of which I am 
aware, but some of them aren't there just because of lack of time, 
others because of lack of knowledge. I'm open for discussion and help.

I hope you enjoy it however


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