[bglug] Linux, annuncio di lavoro

Alessandro Lorenzi alessandro.lorenzi@gmail.com
Ven 17 Apr 2009 12:55:03 CEST

2009/4/17 Nico Sica <giandomenico.sica@gmail.com>:
> Carissimi,
> vi giro un annuncio che spero possa essere di vostro interesse.
> ********
> Do you feel frustrated because of doing repetitive, ordinary and trivial
> tasks?
> GLOSSOM (http://www.glossom.com) is a start-up based in Milano and
> developing a social networking application focused on fashion and lifestyle,
> looking for Developers, Senior Developers and Software Architects to help us
> shape the future of Glossom.
> Skills we're looking for include (you must have a subset of them):
> * Ruby and Ruby on Rails
> * MySQL
> * memcache
> * Javascript and jquery
> * REST, Atom, RSS, JSON
> You are a HANDS ON implementator, a get-it-done kind of developer. The right
> person is a self starter with the "general get it factor". You work well
> with a team of like-minded engineers, and have a genuine desire for
> excellence.
> We work with cutting-edge technologies. You will learn more here in a month
> than most companies will teach in a year.
> ********
> Ai candidati  richiesta anche una buona conoscenza del mondo dei social
> media (es. Twitter, Delicious, Slideshare, Youtube ecc.) e delle tecnologie
> open source.
> Potete contattarmi direttamente all'indirizzo "giandomenico dot sica at
> gmail dot com". Ricordate di allegare al messaggio anche il vostro
> curriculum vitae.
> Resto a vostra disposizione per ogni approfondimento.
> Grazie.
ma nel curriculum vitae bisogna inserire anche quanti amici si anno su
facebook e le ore di video inserite in youtube? :P

ok scusa la battutaccia ;)
> Un cordiale saluto,
> Giandomenico Sica
> http://www.linkedin.com/in/nicosica
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Lorenzi Alessandro

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