[bglug] Linux Presentation Day and your Linux Day call for papers

Hauke Laging hauke.laging@linux-presentation-day.org
Gio 28 Lug 2016 17:28:45 CEST


I just happened to find your page


during my daily search for new mentionings of "Linux Presentation Day" (which 
was a false positive in your case).

I will not offer a talk but would like to suggest one. I have heard that with 
your Linux Day being much more effort to organise than the LPD as we do it in 
Germany (not just in your LUG but more or less everywhere in Italy) it might 
be too stressful for most Italian hosting organisations to have two events per 

I already suggested to Roberto Guido that instead of having the LPD as second 
event per year the Linux Day hosts might try to find a different hosting 
organisation for the LPD in their vicinity; single former LPD staff members 
might be willing to help them, too. As the LPD can be organised very small and 
easily, a lot of organisations come into consideration for this. In Germany we 
have LUGs, hackerspaces, IT companies (service and dealers), adult education 
centres, universities, and schools.

It might help a lot for finding a new (or even an additional) LPD host in your 
vicinity if someone from your LPD organising group gave a talk about the 
concept. The easy one we use in the rest of Europe, not the hard one you chose 
;-)  Such a talk should be very easy to prepare, too.

And some information about the current situation:
In addition to the ten countries of 2016.1 we now have event commitments from 
the Netherlands, Belgium, and Slovakia, and a general commitment from Spain. 
There will probably be events in Sweden, Latvia, and Estonia. Hungary has a 
national LPD web site, and someone there is looking for hosting organisations. 
And there was an important coincidence: Iat wasn't planned to expand the LPD 
2016.2 beyond Europe but it seems that there will be a location in the US 
(MA), too.

And after only 80 emails to UK (65 to mailing lists) the LPD is growing there: 
fronm two locations to something in the range from 5 to 10...



International phone contact for the Linux Presentation Day:
     tel:+49-30-55579620 (13:00–23:00, German and English)

XMPP (Chat with OTR): linux-presentation-day@jabber.ccc.de
   OTR: 91626899 1C06F2BD 75EC2441 35C696CE 38F75997
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