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La nuova legge italian sul copyright, non parlando esplicitamente di
software libero o anche altro che non sia software proprietario, in una
ipotetica sentenza di giudice poco lungimirante.. potrebbe permettere
una cosa del genere.

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Taxing Free Software

[1]Jarek Sygitowicz writes "Lets look backward: nearly a
month ago. One officer taxed 6 GNU/Linux boxes and two Star
Offices at the price of 6 Microsoft Windows and 2 Microsoft
Offices. The affair was widely commented and stirred a wave
of protests. We heard from various sources that the
Government, trying to patch a big hole, is preparing for the
impossible: a [2]tax on using Free Software." Sounds crazy?
For now this is true only in Poland (which, btw, has the
coolest tld, even if they have a messed up tax system ;)

[1] <REF:http://www.linuxnews.pl>
[2] <REF:http://www.linuxnews.pl/news.html?id=30988>

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