[Flug] ADSL

Leonardo Serni sernil@tin.it
Lun 23 Apr 2001 01:34:32 CEST

At 18.06 17/04/01 +0200, you wrote:
>First i would like to apologise for writing in English. Although i speak and
>understand fairly well, writing in Italian would be embarassing and perhaps
>more cryptic that a GPG signature.
>Second. i would like to thank the FLUG for  getting me started  with Linux
>by giving me my first  CD (RH6.0). I've been using Linux, primarily S.u.S.E.,
>ever since.
>Now, i am interested in getting an ADSL hook-up for my home. Can anyone offer
>suggestions on which "provider" to use (or to avoid, for that matter)?

On SuSE Linux - but mostly any Linux distribution - you can get the
ADSL connection from IOL/Infostrada (they've got a bunch of offers,
select the one you feel most comfortable with) and get the rp-pppoe
package from the Roaring Penguin website. make install, adsl-setup,
adsl-connect, and you're done. Been there, done that (repeatedly).

You need (approximately) the same time to unwrap and plug the modem
and to download, install and setup the connection :-)

It does make a refreshing contrast with the SAME setup for the SAME
service on the SAME computer running Windows 98. It took an hour to
make it work, once - and then again, it disrupted Internet Explorer
so it would no longer browse anything (YES, we checked DNS and such
fuzz). We had to reinstall Explorer from a CD, then upgrade it, and
then it browsed. Some time later I discovered it wouldn't print, if
you used the PRINT button. Mysteries galore, or the XPhiles :-|

Both IOL and TIN however provide a service which is crappy at best,
with sometimes 2-3 interruptions a day (5 minutes downtime average,
in a bad period). So, remember to use wget -c, if you're doing lots
of downloads.


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