[Flug] Re: Una domanda da un'inesperto

mark wilson ciosmuil@bigfoot.com
Lun 4 Giu 2001 19:29:29 CEST

Ciao Franco;

I am using S.u.S.E.6.4. here are some tips...
S.u.S.E. comes with a very good firewall. Start it with 
as root. If you have a dial-up PPP connection it will fail unless you are connected. 
You must however, first enable the firewall in your boot script. Do this via YAST or
/etc/rc.config.  The configuration is done in /etc/rc.config.d/firewall.rc.config.

>   a.. Non riesco a configurare la rotellina del mouse; 
In your /etc/XF86Config file add this line=> ZAxisMapping          4 5 
...that is "4""space""5"...
Here is a snipfrom mine...
 ----begin snip ----
Section "Pointer"
Protocol              "imps/2"
Device                "/dev/psaux"
SampleRate            60
BaudRate              1200
ZAxisMapping          4 5
---end snip---
Note: setting this can cause problems, particularly if you have gdm running (see your
/etc/rc.config). Until you are sure that X is functioning fine with the ZAxis enabled, it
is better to have your box boot to console mode at startup.

An excellent image viewer, Compupic, which is even better than ACDSee can be found at
http://www.photodex.com (ftp.photodex.com)
It is commercial but free for use on Linux. 'TIF' and 'GIF' images can not be edited
unless you pay (this is a TIF and GIF copyright problem). Use Imagemagick or the Gimp to
do the conversions (i.e. to PNG or JPG) and any real graphical work. However, compupic
has many easy to use editing tools.

>   e.. Conoscete un modo per importare la rubrica di Windows?
I did it by first installing a demo copy of Eudora on Windows and importing the data from
the M$ program. Then use Eudora to export the data in a Unix readable format. It was more
than a year ago that i did this so i don't remember the details but it's not too
If you can use Outlook, or whatever program has the data you need,  to export your data
in  CSV format (comma separated) that can then be read by any spreadsheet (SIAG,
WINGZ, staroffice, kspread,  gnumerics, etc.), or even a text editor. This can then
be simply inserted into a database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc).

Hope this helps.
Sorry, i couldn't respond in Italian.
mark wilson
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