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Gio 4 Apr 2002 00:45:58 CEST

Per Gabriele, non ho la tua email. Si potrebbe provare questo per la prossima volta:

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>On Wed, Apr 03, 2002 at 03:25:58PM +0200, raphael calvelli wrote:
>> We tried to install a debian 2.2r3 on a powerpc oldworld, but it looks to have an interlaced screen.
>> First, it does not boot on cd (pressing 'C' during reboot), so we put the neccessited kernel image, and so on, on a floppy.
>> It boots (the penguin appears), and after 20 seconds, we see for just a half second the beginning of the lines of the booting session, but then, the screens becomes completly zapped, with only dazzling lines; somebody told us that it was because 'the screen was (or was not?) interlaced': it is an original Apple screen (with the strange-non compatible plug).
>> So, we tried to get in the open firmware, with a small Macos extension we had there, and it asked us to set plenty of variables we don't know about, more simple of them were number of lines and columns, and what kind of boot floppy we wanted to create (this was still under MacOS 8 or 9).
>> Does anybody have an idea of the solution?
>You probably need to set add video=ofonly to your boot arguments.
>Since you're using a floppy, you would have to edit the System file on
>the floppy with ResEdit to accomplish that. The more recent version of
>the installer has had this done already, you could grab the System
>file from
>It's MacBinary, so you could just decode it and then replace the System
>file on your floppy.
>Another option is to use BootX, it is much more flexible, allowing you
>to choose a kernel image, root image, etc. You would X the No video
>driver checkbox to get the video=ofonly argument.
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