[Flug] (completa) Condizioni di licenza per un Hardware ?

Marco A. Calamari marco.calamari@dada.it
Ven 28 Giu 2002 09:57:18 CEST

Chiedo scusa per la mezza mail partita prima 8(

Insieme al famoso (nel bene e nel male) modem ADSL USB
  Alcatel Speedtouch arriva un manuale che contiene
  questo avviso di licenza d'uso in appendice

AppendixB Safety and Agency Regulatory Notices
This appendix provides basic Safety Information on your Speed Touch E
Prior to using the Speed Touch E , read this appendix carefully.
Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the product.
Unless expressly and unambiguously approved by Alcatel, you may not:
  disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer, trace or otherwise
analyse the equipment, its content, operation, or functionality, or
otherwise attempt to derive source code (or the underlying ideas,
algorithms, structure or organization) from the equipment or from
any other information provided by Alcatel, except to the extent that
this restriction is expressly prohibited by local law;
  copy, rent, loan, resell, sublicense, or otherwise transfer or
distribute the equipment to others;
  modify, adapt or create a derivative work of the equipment;
  remove from any copies of the equipment any product
identification, copyright or other notices;
  disseminate performance information or analysis (including, without
limitation, benchmarks) from any source relating to the equipment.
Such acts not expressly approved by Alcatel will result in the loss of
product warranty and will invalidate the user's authority to operate this

Leggendo questo si deduce che legalmente io non solo non posso fare
  un reverse enginering, ma neppure vendere il mio hardware !
Notate che questo e' sul manuale europeo !!
Leandro, Alessio, potete illuminarci ?

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