[Flug] Brevetti sul software in Europa

Francesco Poli frx@firenze.linux.it
Ven 22 Ago 2003 19:42:45 CEST

Ciao a tutti! 
Visto che siamo contrari alla brevettabilita` del software, degli
algoritmi e dei metodi di business (siamo contrari, vero?!?), che ne
pensate di sostituire provvisoriamente la homepage del FLUG per

Vedi qui sotto.

Begin forwarded message:

   The European Parliament is voting on September 1st on a proposal
   which, while pretending to aim at restricting patentability, in
   reality ensures that algorithms and business methods like Amazon One
   Click Shopping indisputably become patentable inventions (and
   indisputably pass the bogus requirement of "technical contribution in
   the inventive step").

   As past experience shows, it is possible for powerful lobbies to push
   incredibly bad directives through the European Parliament. But it is
   also possible to have them rejected. Everything depends on how well
   we use last week of August.

Needed: Your Website Blocked Next Wednesday August 27th

   If the JURI proposal passes, important websites will be forced off
   the Net in the near future. It would seem preferable to take them off
   the Net now, as a demonstration, for a few days. Or, in a more gentle
   manner, to hide the content behind a "Page Closed" screen of the
   following kind:


      Online Demonstration Against Software Patents

   The www.ffii.org title page is already hidden in this way and will
   continue to stay hidden until after the vote.

   You might consider hiding some or all pages at least on August 27th
   and persuading your friends, especially those who administer
   much-visited software download pages, to do likewise.

    Francesco Poli       <frx AT firenze.linux.it>
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