[gl-como] Server con LV da 5Tb

Matteo Cavalleri theos@bp.lnf.it
Ven 11 Giu 2010 13:00:56 CEST

A tutti gli interessati su qesto thread, ho trovato questo:


Make the most of large drives with GPT and Linux
*Summary:*  Once a faraway problem, an important barrier in disk storage 
is fast becoming a reality: the venerable master boot record (MBR) 
partitioning scheme can't fully handle disks larger than 2TB. With 
1TB-hard disks now common and 2TB-disks becoming available, 
forward-looking individuals are thinking about alternatives to the MBR 
partitioning scheme. The heir apparent is the GUID Partition Table 
(GPT). Learn how to make sure your Linux® system is fully prepared for 
the future of disk storage. [cont..]

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