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se non vedete gli edit (neanche quelli del bot), questo e` il motivo

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Subject: Re: [OSM-talk] Redaction process is hogging up the tile rendering


> I made some edits in Iceland yesterday before midnight UTC and the
> changes have yet to be drawn (around noon UTC). I think the redaction
> process is causing a major backlog in the tile rendering queue. Backlogs
> have usually been worked on and finished during the night but that was
> not the case last night.

It is even worse. Due to a software incompability between Osmosis and the redaction bot, no updates will go at all to the map.

This is not a problem of the rendering server backlog. It is a problem of the minute diff generation.

It may take up to a month until we see the currently made edits. This affects all data comsumers, the mapnik map included, because nobody gets at the moment data updates.

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