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Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2012 09:32:40 -0500
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Subject: [OSM-talk] Update on redaction bot and minutely diffs

As I mentioned yesterday, the bot caused some problems with minutely
diffs. Andy just sent a more detailed message about the technical
problems to the rebuild list but here is a quick update for the user
side of things.

Some invalid diffs were generated yesterday. These have been removed
from planet.osm.org and replaced this morning with valid files after a
workaround was put into osmosis. This means that if you have a setup
that is consuming minutely diffs, you may need to manually intervene.
According to Grant, the last valid diff was:

So you will want to stop osmosis and replace its state.txt file with
the contents of:
And then restart your minutely update process. The first 20 or so
diffs are substantially larger than normal so it may take a while to
catch up.

As for the bot itself, it was stopped after a few hours yesterday
because some problems were discovered with its handling of relation
members. Again, see the rebuild list for details. The short version is
that he fixed it and as of a few minutes ago the bot is running again.

There was also a problem caused in JOSM which might affect you if you
are working in an area with other people. If someone else deletes a
node and then you try to update it, JOSM had problems dealing with the
deleted node because of a slight change in the API. This has already
been fixed according to this trac ticket:

So I think we've had our glitches. It'll be smooth sailing from here
on, right? :)


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