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Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2017 01:39:18 +0100
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Subject: Debian Installer Stretch RC 2 release
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The Debian Installer team[1] is pleased to announce the second release
candidate of the installer for Debian 9 "Stretch".

Important change in this release of the installer

 * A major update of os-prober was included in this release. This
   component is responsible for finding other operating systems so
   that entries can be added to the bootloader's menu. This update
   should fix serious bugs, some of which leading to file system
   corruption, but might also trigger some regressions. As usual,
   running "reportbug os-prober" from the installed system lets you
   report any issues.

Improvements in this release

 * debian-installer:
    - Bump Linux kernel version from 4.8.0-2 to 4.9.0-1.
    - Adjust *.so files handling (#851790).
 * os-prober:
    - Improve logging of mounting and setting partitions to ro/rw.
    - Use a read-only device-mapper entry when appropriate.
    - Skip partition when FS type is LVM2_member (#853277).
    - Make os-prober-udeb depend on grub-mount-udeb, and make
      os-prober depend on grub-common, so that grub-mount is
      consistently available (#776275).
    - Fix detection of /usr partition as a GNU/Linux root partition
      when /lib* directories are moved to /usr completely (#698733).
    - Make the yaboot parser more tolerant (#674561).
    - Call dmraid only once.
    - Add os-release support (#794409).
    - Work harder to avoid trying to mount extended partitions
    - Drop " (loader)" suffixes on Microsoft operating systems
    - For more improvements, see: #698598, #694668, #803155, #801631,

Hardware support changes

 * debian-installer:
    - Drop armel/versatile flavour since kernel support was removed.
    - mips*: install all NIC modules in the netbood initrd.
 * flash-kernel:
    - Add machine db entry for Pine64+.
 * linux:
    - udeb: Add switch (DSA) drivers to nic-modules (#845075).

Localization status

 * 75 languages are supported in this release.
 * Full translation for 12 of them.

Known bugs in this release

 * There seems to be no known major bug as of yet.

See the errata[2] for details and a full list of known issues.

Feedback for this release

We need your help to find bugs and further improve the installer,
so please try it. Installer CDs, other media and everything else you
will need are available at our web site[3].


The Debian Installer team thanks everybody who has contributed to this

 1. http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Team
 2. http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/errata
 3. http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer

Cyril Brulebois
on behalf of the Debian Installer Team

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Elena ``of Valhalla''

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