[gl-como] Archipel: XMPP based orchestrator

Fabio fabrix.xm@gmail.com
Dom 15 Gen 2017 12:50:05 CET

Se n'è accennato l'altra sera in "riunione"...

> Archipel is a solution to manage and supervise virtual machines. No 
> matter if you have a few locally on your computer or thousands 
> through data centers, Archipel is a central solution to manage them 
> all. You can perform all basic virtualization commands and many other 
> things like live migration, VMCasts, packages, etc.
> [...]
> Archipel uses XMPP for all communication. There is no webservice or 
> custom protocol. You just need at least one XMPP server — like 
> eJabberd — to start playing with it. This allows Archipel to work 
> completely real time. You never have to refresh the user interface. 
> You'll be notified as soon as something happens. You can even use 
> your favorite chat clients to command your infrastructure. Isn't it 
> great to be able to open a chat conversation with your virtual 
> machine and say things like "How are you today?" or "Hey, please 
> reboot"?

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