[Golem] nuova release (beta) di mepis linux

LoSpippolo lospippolo@email.it
Ven 9 Apr 2004 12:57:45 CEST


per chi ha curiosita' e banda :-)

The developers of MEPIS Linux are preparing a new release, the first
beta of which is now available for download: "Version: 2004.05.b00.
MEPIS Linux is an advanced and complete version of Linux. CD1 is a live
CD/installation CD/system recovery CD with over 1,100 packages
configured to boot-and-run KDE. This is single CD, beta version 00 of
MEPIS Linux 2004.05. It includes kernels 2.4.25 and 2.6.4, as well as
KDE 3.2.1, X-windows 4.3.0, OpenOffice 1.1.1, Mozilla 1.6, and Gimp 2."
Download from here: mepis-2004.05.b00.cd1.iso (695MB).


LoSpippolo <lospippolo@email.it>

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