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Gio 2 Nov 2006 15:51:29 CET

Se avete voglia e tempo partecipate... Mi sembra utile :)

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Subject: DRM ACTION: Warn Amazon Customers about DRM
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 23:24:45 +0200 (CEST)

                                                        DRM ACTION ALERT



Dear Dario,

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching now is the time for us
to take the action that tells shoppers that there are products that are
Defective By Design.

We've got two easy ways for you to have a major impact in just 5
minutes(but this is so much fun it might suck you in for hours!).

Amazon.com, perhaps the largest Internet retailer, has a system of
"tagging" products on its US site. You can look at a product and add a
tag that describes it. We have started tagging items that contain DRM
(Blu-Ray players, Blu-Ray DVDs, the Zune, the iPod, Amazon Unbox movies
etc.) with the "defectivebydesign” tag.

As products get tagged over and over again with a particular tag, that
tag surfaces to the top of the list, and displays in larger text in some
views. There is also a page for pictures and discussions of the tag. Tag
these products and search for similar DRM products to tag now!

All of the international Amazon websites allow customers to review
products.Review a DRM product NOW as a way to warn others of the
problems they may face because of DRM. Once you have reviewed a product
you can post the link as a comment on our site, to encourage other
DefectiveByDesign crew members to rate your review. If you see a product
review that points out the DRM problems you can also rate that review
highly so that others will see it.

Your participation will ensure that thousands of products get tagged and
reviewed, and hundreds of thousands of consumers, maybe millions, will
be warned about DRM. Nice!

Now we don't want to encourage you to get an Amazon account if you don't
already have one*, but if you do have an account, then here is a chance
for you to use it for the benefit of others. Log in now, start searching
and start tagging and start reviewing!

In Solidarity,

Gregory, Peter, Henri and the DRM Elimination Crew

*We do not advocate the use of Amazon, or the creation of Amazon
accounts for the purpose of shopping, there are serious privacy concerns
about how Amazon collects data from users through their click stream and
shopping habits. Tagging, commenting and discussions are only available
to those that have previously purchased from Amazon.

PS - want to do more to support the campaign? Consider joining the Free
Software Foundation as an Associate Member and get the campaign T-shirt
with your name on it. Your member donation helps make this campaign

<<This happens because I choose it to happen!>>
(Raistlin Majere, DragonLance Chronicles -Dragons of Spring Drawning-)
Dario Faggioli
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