[Golem] Il controllo di massa è il problema della lotta al terrorismo

Adm linuxloverstaff@gmail.com
Mar 24 Nov 2015 22:48:02 CET

L'articolo è lungo, copio e incollo il finale.

Pone l'attenzione sul fatto che tutti i terroristi, di solito, sono già
sotto sorveglianza delle forze dell'ordine.

Si parla di 500 agenti per sorvegliare 11.000 persone. Perché aggiungere
paglia al pagliaio?


Rowley's crucial point, about adding more hay to the haystack, is
particularly pertinent today as politicians again cry out for encryption to
be backdoored, and for even more intrusive mass surveillance to be carried
out, in order to "fight terrorism." The attacks in Paris did not take place
because the terrorists used encryption to keep their communications secret.
People died or suffered terrible injuries not because the terrorists had
somehow managed to slip through the surveillance net. In fact, it seems
that they were known to multiple intelligence agencies around the world.

The reason the attacks were successful and people died was largely because
the authorities had insufficient resources to follow up the knowledge that
they had, and some important leads that they were given
It was not because they had too little information about the terrorists,
but because they had too much for the human resources they could bring to
bear upon them.

Mass surveillance is not the solution to these attacks; it is the problem
that makes them more likely. The belief that gathering yet more
undifferentiated data from everyone, whoever they are, and whatever they
are doing, will somehow make it easier to spot and stop attacks is
contradicted by the painful events of the last decade or so. It is time to
stop trying to shift the blame to Edward Snowden or encryption for the
serious intelligence failures that have occurred. It is time to recognise
that the current approach based on mass surveillance simply does not work,
and must be replaced by a more targeted, more intelligent, and thus more
effective approach.
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