[Gpm] serial to PS/2 translation

Loginov Max Loginov@itam.nsc.ru
Tue, 30 Jan 2001 17:15:30 +0600

Can somebody tell me somewhat about such qestion:
can GPM translate serial mouse protocol (Microsoft, i.e. gpm -t ms) to
PS/2 protocol? And if it can, how to do this?

Problem arise from this:
I have serial mouse and in console it works fine, but Xserver for my
hardware support PS/2 and busmouse only. And so, I cannot use my
serial mouse in X! :-(

The way to solve this problem, I suppose, so:
if GPM can translate protocols, use translator and repeater (like
option -R) to redirect transleted output to some socket (like
/dev/gpmdata). And say Xserver to use this socket instead /dev/mouse
for mouse device.

What you think about this?