FW: [Bug 12] gpm-1.19.3

Alessandro Rubini rubini@gnu.org
Thu, 26 Jul 2001 11:13:38 +0200

Thanks for your report.

It's interesting to hear once again that people is fixing stuff
without any coordination with upstream. Actually, that's one of
the reasons that made me drop the project.

> There is two real questions I have here.  One:  Is the change from OPEN_MAX
> to FOPEN_MAX in special.c a "good thing?"

I don't know, I'll let the new maintainer reply about this :)
Obviously, you need to preserve compatibility with previous libc version, so
this must be considered as well.

> Two: Should we try and come up with a change to the configure script so that
> it detects if TeTex is installed and if it's not then will just skip
> installing the info files (with a warning preferably)

I don't think so. Since the published tarball already includes
compiled docs, you don't need to recompile them. There is a bug in the
doc/Makefile that prevents stuff from being recompiled. I fixed it in
later packages of mine (that have a similar structure) but this
happened after I gave over with gpm, so I never backported the
fix. It's trivial, though, and I'm sure Nico, the new maintainer, will
find it readily.

>> sed s/OPEN_MAX/FOPEN_MAX/ special.c > special.c~ &&
>> mv special.c~ special.c &&

why not
	perl -p -i -e s/OPEN_MAX/FOPEN_MAX/ special.c